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Thanks Jackie. I try to write them as I experienced them. I always realize after I've written them that I left out a few meaningful details (like some hamstring tightness in this race that hit me on the first step and scared me for a split second but ended up being a non-factor) but I think the way I write them helps people see what's happening to me in a race and helps me look back at a later time and reflect on what went right and what I can work on doing better.

Wisconsin is known for its weather roller coasters but this year has been strange to say the least. Once again, we cooled off some during the week this week and now are back to the heat just in time for the weekend. Makes it hard to acclimate when you only get a few days at a time. Of course, I know the consistent heat is on its way and I'm not sure I like that any better.

By the way, last year's second place finisher was 5th so last year's 1-2-3 went 1-5-8. That makes me feel a little better about slipping from 3rd to 8th. A confirmation that the competition was deeper.