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Andrew A.

What is disturbing about it?  It is not something like texting-while-driving or a massive oil spill that presents a danger to the rest of us.  There are literally hundreds of road races within a 100 mile radius for me to choose from in a given year.  If one or even ten of those charge more for timing or to get an age group award, it is really easy to just take a pass in favor of any others that treat a race as a competition first and give competitors their due.  In fact, this alleged trend might do those of us who prefer races as competitions a favor, by siphoning off the uncompetitive charity joggers and walkers and giving incentive to the real races to focus more on racers.  I have long thought it would be great if some charity network set up uncompetitive (finisher tokens only) 10Ks, half-marathons, and marathons across the country so that the uncompetitive types would go participate/complete those and then actual races could get back to the business of being primarily races.  So one can never know if it truly is a 'problem' until one sees the outcome of all the effects.  Competitive runners may be a significant minority, yet they are not going away anytime soon and there will be financial incentive for enough races to cater to them for a long time to come.