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Well, we can not show up at those races and let them know why we're not showing up. That may not make a big difference if it's one runner but, if a significant portion of the competitive field begins walking away and letting RDs know why, maybe it will get their attention.

Ed, interesting thoughts. It's good to know that the no t-shirt option didn't seem to affect sponsorships. Obviously, the economy has made it hard on a lot of non-profits. That's very unfortunate but I suppose it's the nature of the beast.

One suggestion on the awards and I know different people have different thoughts on this but it would help spread the awards a bit if you removed the overall winner from age group awards. I have it on pretty good word that “The Guy” didn't need 4 gift certificates, though he appreciates them and will put them to good use. Also, while I love that you have some unique trophies, I'm sure that comes with a price. Two ways you can go on that. Either advertise the uniqueness and make it a draw or save some money with something that is more “no frills” (and maybe bring back some unique awards after you establish a bigger crowd).

As for sponsorships, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to hit up the obvious Milwaukee companies but also don't forget that you have some solid companies right in your community. Play up the community benefit aspect of it and maybe you could get one or two of them in.