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What other races do this sort of thing?

I don't have any other links but I've heard of a couple others. It seems to be starting much like paying for timing started. A few scattered around, then gradually increasing until almost every area has at least one event (usually the big ones) doing it.

Not saying this is a good thing at all, I just see little cause for concern — as JVal put it, the market will determine whether this type of model will survive and thrive.

I hope it will. However, it seems like a lot of runners don't care how much they pay for entry fees. Just look at all the $100+ marathon entry fees at marathons that have to cap their field sizes.

Given the purse size, seems likely that anyone who would be in the hunt for prize money for this particular race will likely have his or her entry paid by an agent, so if I were in the Louisville vicinity and wanted to race a 10K on that date then I would just go with the lower entry fee.

Possibly true. It would be interesting to look at the results from this event afterward and see what kind of times were needed to collect the prizes. I also get the impression that you need to pay the higher fee for all prizes, possibly including age group prizes. I know what you think of age group prizes but to charge people $25 just to be eligible for a $1 medal or something along that line is a rip-off if this is being done.

It would be amusing, however, if someone paying the lower entry fee showed up and won the race.

Indeed. I'd kind of like to see that.