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Andrew A.

I had a 10-mile race today and got out-strategized.  It was a bit of an odd/unprofessional event (the 10 mile was started fifteen minutes after the main distance, half-marathon, along with the 10K) and I had little idea until I reached the 5K mark who my competitors would be.  I had let go of 5-10 runners ahead of me and they all came back on the 10K course.  I found myself rather alone after 5K, leading the first five miles into a slight wind.  The 10-mile turn-around was remarkably unclear (there was a sign on the side of the road yet no marker at all in the road) and so the guy who caught up to me in the 4th mile turned right there while I was still looking for a more definitive marker and he got a jump on me that I was not able to make up.  To be honest, I did find myself content with 2nd place, though I made a push in the final couple of miles to see if I could make up that gap.  It just was not happening, he was simply the fitter/more race-ready runner today.  I also likely went out a bit too hard with the front of the 10K and, effortwise, faded after they turned around.