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Andrew A.

For a turn-around, I would expect a very clear marking including something in the road to physically go around.

Same here.  Heck, all of the turns on the course were marked with paint on the road.  The other guy did say something, I just did not respond quickly because 1) he was still behind me to that point and 2) I was still searching the road for a clear marking.  The out-strategizing bit was a quip.  Unless I spent time studying the bibs of the people near the starting line to determine the 10K and 10 mile competitors – and memorizing that information – then there is little I could have used to my benefit in strategy for this race.  The other guy just happened to go out easier and found only one person ahead of him and within striking distance once past the 5K mark.  Had I known from the start that he would be my competition in the 10 mile, I might have hung back with him, let him push the headwind, and then tried to blast him within the final 5K.  I cannot really fault myself, I got out and ran hard and sometimes that is just the best option.  He was better prepared to race and proved himself to be the best man on the day.

The race is just a study in mismanagement and this and the other (fall) race they put on have a reputation for things that were not thought through clearly enough.  They used chip timing yet the only mat(s) we crossed was at the start/finish – nothing at the turnaround and no intermediate splits – so anyone could have cut the course.  Several people in the 10K and 10 mile started with the half-marathon — I could tell because people who were not ahead of me at the start were coming back along the course before the leaders hit the turnaround points for those races and at much slower paces than a leader for either race would be running.  They did not split the road with cones (even allowing 1.5 lanes for the main (out) part of the course with 0.5 lane for a passing (back) side would suffice) and the front of the 10K and especially the front of the 10 miler ran through the back end of the half-marathon spread out across the road.  If they were to start the 10K just 5-10 minutes before or after the 10 mile, it would allow the runners in each of the races to figure out who their competition would be in short order.  I just had to wait and see (since I did not strain to check the bib # of each person who passed me in the beginning) whether any and all of the runners ahead of me were racing the 10K.  It seems like road races are the only venue where you see this sort of thing, starting two distinct races at the same place and at the same time.  I remarked to a buddy of mine that it is apparent that this race is not put on by runners — to which he replied, “oh, the RD ran for CU.”  Yikes.  His follow-up: “well, it takes all kinds.”  This same buddy is of the opinion that the RD really should bring a course manager and/or (volunteer) race management committee on-board, he is missing obvious things by trying to do too much of it himself.  I have to agree with that.