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In 2002, I ran the Trailbreaker half all-out 3 weeks before Boston.  It wasn't a training session it was a race for me.
I wanted to get battle ready as I was unable to get much hard stuff in due to a foot injury.  Ryan was there and he
just took off.  He got out there about 150 yards or so ahead of us and a group of three of us worked like gang busters
to catch him.  We just never closed that gap.  We surged, raced each other, and made purpose driven drives to narrow
the gap.  I ran the last 5k in 17 something and still gained zero ground.  Ryan won and we all ran 1:15:xx something.
He never looked back and I always admired that.  I asked him about it and he simply said he felt he had to control the
pace from the front.  He made the decision to not allow anyone to catch him to see how he was running.  Tough to
gain race intelligence when someone doesn't let you get near them.