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Again, I'm terribly sorry for all the problems. If you've noticed that you've repeatedly had to log on to the forums even if you select to remain logged on forever, I believe this is a server issue with handling cookies, which are used to store your login information. In addition, we had a period of downtime overnight that hopefully didn't affect too many people.

I will be contacting other web hosting providers this weekend and making a decision on what to do about the web hosting. If/when we change hosts, that will be another period of downtime unfortunately. However, the plan will be to get with a more reliable host that will help us ensure this kind of thing doesn't happen again. Down times are, of course, inevitable when you are dealing with computers but ones that last nearly two days, combined with the various problems we've seen since that time, are unreasonable. I'm not getting what I'm paying for and you're not getting what you should expect out of a professional-grade website.