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there are lots of issues that all came to a head in Chicago… most have been mentioned already…
1. race officials getting greedy and taking too many runners to handle in bad logistical conditions.
2. runners not really being in shape ('only finish' mentality)
3. oppressive heat
4. water SNAFU, no salt, not enough gatorade (some friends of mine helped at the aid station in mile 12/13 area)

but when the guy said 'no one forced you to run' he discounts people who did fund raising and truly feel they have to complete 'for the cause'

when Frank Shorter said “conversational pace” he couldn't have taken into account the people who would be walking to begin with… and maybe he should have been one person to come out with more of an 'elitism' comment as he IS an ELITE and had been for 30 years… we need people to get back to thinking that not everyone should 'run' a marathon…

I saw some clips of the race and incredibly there were people with tights, several men who made me look even more flat chested than I am and one guy who had a camelback that said the he had run out of water by the half way point… 50 ounces in 13 miles? was he bathing in it?

it might seem that they should worry about entries for next year, but I'll bet it still fills up, they might get lucky and have GREAT weather and all will be forgotten…it would be nice to think that the people who run marathons from now on would be better trained, but I doubt it…