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GTF, I also wonder a bit how many of these people are a part of the “running community” that those of us here are connected with and how many are the infamous one-and-done “marathoners” checking one more thing off their lifetime goals list. However, the way these people are acting is reflecting on the running community whether or not they are really part of the community. Many people are hearing these stories and getting bad impressions of runners.

SBSpartan, no doubt, a lot of fault lies with the race committee at Chicago. While 1 cup of Gatorade and 1.5-2 cups of water per runner per aid station sounds like a lot normally, that will go fast in the heat. Even if we are to believe the reports that no aid stations ran out of fluids (I'm still hearing conflicting reports) and that the issue was that of distribution, not supplies, then it should be asked whether a better distribution system is necessary. That's just one example. However, I didn't hear of people getting belligerent at Atlanta. I didn't see people still complaining that everything that went wrong was the race organizers' fault after Atlanta. The reactions of the runners was much different and what we are seeing from the runners at Chicago does not reflect well upon runners in general. I think it's past time to quit throwing around blame, stop playing the victim card, have everyone take a deep breath, and focus on how this type of situation can be prevented in the future.

Zeke, likewise. As with Anne, I'm not sure how I would have reacted to the conditions in Chicago. One thing I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done was continue to push my limits (unless I felt I could salvage a high placing) there. Would I have started? Would I have DNF'd? Would I have backed off the effort and treated it as a long run with aid stations? I don't know. However, I wouldn't have risked my health over it no matter how well my run was going.