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And Kastor's AR, as well as who knows how many other national records, is no more.

I suppose incontrovertible might bit a little strong but solid evidence or even admission, which we occasionally do see. As for chasing down drug cheats from 8+ years ago, I would hope resources are still focused on deterring PED use right now but, if it becomes clear that someone cheated more than 8 years ago, why shouldn't the record be set straight? For example, take the 1976 Olympic marathon. It seems pretty clear that Cierpinski was not clean. Suppose he admits it or something else that seems undeniable comes out. Does he continue to get to stand as the Olympic champion or does Shorter get the credit he deserves as the Olympic champion? Supposing the “smoking gun” comes out 35 years after the race, does that make it any less worth setting the record straight than when Ben Johnson tested positive or Marion Jones admitted to cheating and they lost their medals? Not that the IAAF should be out chasing down ghosts from 35 years ago, they should be focusing on preventing today's cheats, but if something comes out that makes the cheating of the past obvious then a statute of limitations should not be put in the way of setting the record straight.