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Andrew A.

More and more, my belief that records are overrated is reconfirmed.  8)  Shady practices by race directors reaching for cheap pub have led to the male-pacers-for-women phenomenon and I, for one, have just never liked it.  The use of pacers, on the whole, is a “blight on the sport” though I recognize that it is a Pandora's box and there is realistically no way to avoid pacers.  However, there can and should be ways of standardizing allowed use of them better.  And I would not disagree one bit with retroactive application.  I doubt that Radcliffe (yes, she would still be WR holder if her '03 mark were tossed) or Kastor would have much of a problem with it, either.  They got their bonuses and recognition for their achievements, it seems like the message board record book worshipers are the ones with much of a problem with it.  People existing under the belief that it would hurt women's running and that race directors at any marathon with an elite women's field and any remote possibility of a record-setting performance would be unwilling to change format to suit the rules are delusional.