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This is completely safe. A cortisone shot would not be wise (DO NOT DO THAT). What this is, is a cortisone shot given in ten small doses applied directly to the injury site. The electrical unit only supplies the positive and negative charges to draw in the cortisone and will not work alone. I was extra cautious on the days of treatment and did not run one step. The reason for that is because what cortisone does is shrink the tissue that is inflamed allowing it to heal. If the inflamation is always there it will not heal, even walking causes irritation. After ten treatments it will be like you never had the injury…if you want to call it that…  Go to a doctor that is into sports or runs and be aggressive with what you want. Sometimes doctors like to advise peolple to just stop doing what caused the injury. Just trust me. I know it works. By the way treatments are every other day(ten times)