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Ritzenhein had a quadriceps injury in January, but won the USA Cross Country Championships that month.

Except that the race was in February — nice fact-checking there, AP editorial staff.

He later hurt his foot and hamstring, and developed anemia after spending six months on anti-inflammatory medication.

Anyway, as pointed out elsewhere, not only is this quite the string of injuries but what kind of a (supposedly knowledgeable) coach with all of those Nike resources at convenient disposal allows a blue chip talent to develop anemia?  How is Ritzenhein, with his noted injuries pointing to possible nutritional deficiencies, not getting regular bloodwork done on at least a quarterly basis?  His iron levels should have been checked at least twice, if not thrice, in that six-month span. 
Khannouchi should commence with becoming acclimated to heat and humidity levels to be expected in Beijing in late summer.  8)  Unfortunately, I could see Ritzenhein opting to line up at the start for the Olympic marathon and then turning in a DNF due to a previously undisclosed injury.  😛