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morton's toe was my first trip to the podiatrist back in the 1980s.  The numbness had become severe enough that it ran up my entire hamstring and couldn't walk.  The orthotic didn't help. I stopped wearing heels at work and invested in shoes with wider toebox.  It's never returned, however, I've had alot of Big toe problems in the last couple of years, the podiatrist called it halllux limitus from years of pushing off my toes.  My options were pretty much the same as yours, cut the insert under second toe and stabilize big toe.  i hated it.  I was also having a 2 year problem with plantar fascitis, so the podiatrist gave me an insert with a raised heel.  To me, this didn't make an sense to raise up my heel when I'm already putting too much pressure on my toes……but the problem stopped and so did the PF.  I did have my gait analyzed after all these foot problems and they concluded that my running evolved to having higher cadence rather than a power off and it would take too many years to correct, and maybe wouldn't want to as high cadence is a good thing.