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Hopefully this “may” clarify a few points.  The Morton's Toe (inherited trait) is NOT really a longer 2nd toe, but a SHORTER first toe (#1).  The foot will roll over (pronate) to get the shorter metatarsal head in contact with the ground.  I prefer to see runners in a lower heeled shoe (reduce pronation) and then you can adjust a Morton's Toe Extension.  All Morton's Toes are NOT the same degree of shortness.  It is wise to get your foot x-rayed so that you can see the visual evidence.  The Morton's Toe Runner is about 30-33% of the population, but about 70% of the injury list.  Each runner has to make his/her own adjustments, but I have seen very good runners (Olympians) with this condition.  We also may look at the entire kinetic chain to see if there are things that may aggravate the condition.

Sue, the reason the higher orthotic solves the PF question is because the short calf muscle is the root cause.  The pronation aggravates the condition, but the higher orthotic seems to relieve the stress in the calf muscle.  I would try a pair (slowly) of the Newtons to see if you can get the calf to elongate and become more effective in your gait cycle.  One question for you.  Do you have a higher hip?

my previous massage therapist also babbled about my hip rotated forward….I actually have felt forward rotated on right side after having along layoff this fall.  I had a gait analysis done 3 years ago and the PT reviewed my tapes and said I drop my hip after landing…his reasoning was that I had evolved this style because my calves are very big for a relatively small woman (37.5 cm), my right hip drops so the calf passes at the bent knee rather than trying to slide by the other fat calf.

a friend has strongly suggested Newton's to me, he said my fulcrum (again, the big calves) is too heavy.  >:(