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Andrew A.

Lest I come across as a hater, I do read content from RW, though it is essentially restricted to what comes across via the twitter feeds of Amby Burfoot and Alex Hutchinson (that latter of whom's latest seems a bit of a stretch).  I recognize the magazine (as opposed to scholarly journal) genre for what it is, chiefly fluff designed to engender and enable interest in a hobby or lifestyle.  I would not expect RW to deviate from this basic premise, certainly not given the recent trends in print media.  As a current subscriber to Running Times, I would freely admit that there is plenty of content in that magazine which I routinely skip.  At any rate, just reflecting on what I realize as RW's constrictions and what leads the editorial content decisions.  It does nothing for me, so obviously I would routinely skip it – I suppose I just do not care what they claim and figure that the audience for such claims is chiefly self-selecting.