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I have spoken to clergy in the past. Basically, they might recommend things to help me fight temptations, but in they end they might indicate that I “just have to say 'no'” no matter how hard it is. And for me, it has been so hard that I can begin to cry. People may think of me as a coward, a loser, not a real man, but this is the way I am. I've given in to things I shouldn't have according to Church teaching, and reached a point where I tried to convince myself that what I was doing was ok and that the Church is wrong about these things and that I just want to be me. But one thing that has still hung over me is this fear of hell. “What if the Church and/or even other religions are right and I'm going to hell for these things?” If I didn't have this fear I might just give in and try to be good in other ways – kind, giving, etc. – but I do have this fear, and so I feel myself faced with two very uncomfortable choices: submit myself to Church teaching and undergo the hardship and depression of self-denial, or choose to live more freely and naturally and undergo not only the condemnation of others, but the possibility of being some day condemned for ever. And so, it seemed to me that if I could eliminate my sexual desires, instincts, and attractions, I could submit to Church teaching without that depression and feel more safe about the afterlife.

Well, thank you all for trying to help. Really, thank you.