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Jerry is on to something. Depending on how severe these hills are, they could potentially be of great benefit. I'm a big fan of getting at least a few quality hills in every run possible.

The only question is how many hills? In this case, it seems extreme based on what you are stating. It sounds like you have little to no chance to run on level ground for any significant amount of time. While I would never consider this the end of the world, it probably wouldn't hurt to mix in at least some flat land running if at all possible. If not, try to keep your efforts as even as reasonably possible. You don't want to make your hilly runs into a fartlek workout so don't be afraid to back off a bit on at least some of the uphills.

One more thing. Watch yourself on the downhills. The added impact during the plant phase of your stride is what causes the “overuse” injuries Jerry mentioned.