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RandyS wrote:
The only time I hesitate to run in the rain is when I have new shoes. If my shoes are factory fresh the idea of plodding through puddles makes me shudder.

In the end I go but feel guilty about my once pristine shoes! The honeymoon period with shoes only lasts a week and it beats getting on the treadmill.

In college, my team in general had a belief about shoes. You could tell how serious a runner is by how clean their shoes are. We had one guy who was much more into fashion than training and he never wanted to run off-road because he would get his shoes dirty. I don’t know how he ever got into cross-country. Must have been one of those city cross-country boys who only run on golf courses and never experience real (muddy) cross-country. I still like to get my shoes a bit dirty as soon as possible when I get a new pair. They just look way too clean right out of the box, they look like something is wrong with them.

RandyS wrote:
One word of caution regarding running in the rain. This fall while running in a heavy rain (I mean real heavy, it was the same day as the ‘Little Cow Harbor 10k’ which some may remember had areas of the course flooded).

I was running my usual route but to avoid the deepest part of puddles (small lakes really) ran down the middle of some roads. Well puddles hide pot holes quite effectivly. I caught my foot in one and took a tumble. I was soaked before falling so the water didn’t matter but I could easily have twisted an ankle or something. Not to mention the embarrasment if anyone had been around!

I’ve done this. Back in the spring of 1998, when I was living in Milwaukee, I was running down the Menomonee River Parkway. Well, in the spring in Wisconsin, rivers tend to be high. Add some rain on to that and you have a flooded trail. I was running through ankle deep water and caught a pothole just right. Took a tumble and couldn’t even stand on my sore ankle for a few minutes. Eventually, I started walking gingerly and eventually jogging with a limp. The next day, I tried to run and made it about 2 steps. I’ve always been good at twisting my ankles but this was by far the worst I had ever done.