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Why not both races?  Agree with Ryan, why not coincide a cutback week with the week of the tournament trip?  Just schedule some easy medium length runs those four days to get the legs moving and the blood flowing, even include strides a couple of those days at the end of the run.  A workout or two missed should not make or break you so long as you remain active.  Also in agreement with Ryan, three weeks seems to be overkill for most people.

Both?  Hmmm, I hadn't even considered that option.  Its probably a cost issue as much as anything.  I looked into both races more last night, Little Rock is $90 and I'd have to have hotel room (even if I wanted to drive 4 hours the morning of the race there is no race day packet pickup).  Springfield is only $35, but I'll probably go for a hotel so I don't have to get up at 4 am.