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September was a decent month.  The long runs are feeling easier as the temps get cooler.  Had a few long runs, including a 22.58 mile (3:15:00) run on the last day of the month.

10 Mile on labor day in 1:00:36

5 mile tune-up race this Sunday, followed by a half-marathon in Moab Utah 2 weeks later.  Then California Int. Marathon 6 weeks later on Dec. 2.  It should be plenty cool on race day.

For those with marathon experience I am trying to figure out a goal time for CIM.  This year I have run 35:55 10k and 1:20:56 HM (the first at Bolder Boulder and the second at Steamboat Springs).  Mileage for the year has been in the upper 70's.  Have been doing marathon specific base work since the end of August.