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For most of my life I have been a “runner” but really it was only to stay in shape for soccer.  I actually used to joke with my friends who were runners that I only trained so I could get through 90 minutes and the occasional 120 (which is pretty rare).  So, I have always run, just not seriously.

In 2001 I went to Vegas with some friends.  Smashed at a Pai Gao table (best game in Vegas by the way) my friend announced he would be running Chicago for the second time.  Stunned (we are best friends) I asked, “Wait, you ran a marathon?  Why didn't you say anything.”
His response, “I guess I didn't think about it.”
“And you are doing it again?  Was it hard?”
“Oh yea.”  (He is a very understated guy)
“I am doing it too.  When do I have to start training?”
“You aren't being serious right now.”
“No, I am doing it.  It sounds fun.  How do I train?”
“Go to”
This all went one while we are playing Pai Gao.  Which is one thing that makes this game great.  You don't have to pay attention at all.  It pushes about 51% of the time so it's really hard to lose money, or make it for that matter.  But you get lots of drinks.  I digress.
I got home, signed up for Chicago, then followed a basic Hal Higdon plan and was playing soccer 4-5 days a week on top of it.  Ran a 3:40 on a sprained ankle (not recommended).  This was in 2002.  My next race came in 04'.  Sometime in early 06 I started training again and have been ever since so I guess I am now serious since 06.  Actually, I have gone marathon mad if you will.

Chicago 2002
Chicago 2004
Detroit 2006
Charlotte 2006
ING Georgia 2007
Rhode Island 2007
Atlanta 2007
ING Georgia 2008
Denver 2008
Atlanta 2008

Next year I hope to run ING Georgia again, Marine Corp, and Charlotte.  Depending on how I feel, and the time frame I may try to run Atlanta as well.  I am learning more that I like to test myself against multiple races rather than against the clock.