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About a month ago I purchased a pair of Nike Zoom Skylons as a possible replacement to the 825.  I find them decidedly uncomfortable.  There must be a post in the forefoot that makes contact with a pressure point on the balls of my feet because I get periodic numbness.  There is nothing to the tongue so you notice every minute difference in the way I lace them.  The tread is noticeably worn after less than 150 miles.  Needless to say they will not make a repeat appearance in my rotation.  However, as I got ready to run this AM, I thought I'd give the 825s one last go 'round.  Just putting them on, I know it's a better shoe for me.  7 miles this morning and no numbness, no discomfort.  I think they still have some life left in them.  So I guess it's 800 miles and counting.