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I’ve done almost everything you can imagine when it comes to  strength training. A few conclusions I came to from my experiences:

  • Upper body strength training, while not  necessarily detrimental, was useless with the possible exception of middle  distance racing. For 5K and over, I found it a complete waste of time.
  • Traditional leg work (in the weight room) was  not beneficial and I felt it affected my runs, making it detrimental.
  • Hills are king when it comes to lower body and  even, to an extent, upper body running-specific strength training.
  • The

Power  Triad is a good alternative to hills if you really have no other option  (stairs, stadium steps, parking ramps, any incline you can run up can serve as  a venue for hill work).

  • Plyometric drills can also be a good option.
  • Whether upper body (pushups, dips, back  extensions, etc.) or lower body (lunges, one-leg squats, step-ups, etc.) body  weight exercises are a great alternative for runners.
  • Of course, these conclusions are based on the premise that  your focus with strength training is to become a better runner. I’ve done some  study on this topic and I’ve found that the research generally supports the  observations I’ve made through my own experiences.