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Denton, I think it was me who called you out actually. I honestly don't think I could have given the kind of response that Andrew liked to. That was a great discussion that I had forgotten about. It's a great review for now. Regardless, if I know that someone knows more than me about something, I always hope to see them respond. I guess this time I put that in writing, which may not have been fair to you in retrospect.

Andrew, I've actually also been running my strides in the manner you describe. I can't even recall the last time I've run on a track or sports field off the top of my head. As such, when I do strides, I just count 50 steps, which I have found to work out to about dead on 15 seconds at the tempo I run strides. Personally, I think this is a great way to do strides. It allows me to work them right into the closing mile or two of an easy run and I can do them on the local rails to trails path, where I can mess around with some gradual uphill and downhill strides, as well as doing them on relatively level ground, while staying on a soft and even surface.