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Mark5000 wrote:
In my senior year in high school, the mileage levels for the XC runners at the 1996 Foot Locker Nationals looked something like this according to “The High School Runner”, an offshoot from “Runner’s World”. As I recall, 32 runners were in the race? Anyway only 2-3 of them ran more than 40-50 miles/week according to their profiles. A few ran as little as 25-35 miles. I forget which year it was, but an African runner who ran about 25 miles/week won the whole thing. He was new to the US, so I’m guessing he had more of a background than that.

I’m not discounting that you read this but I have trouble believing these numbers are factual or fully encompassing of their complete training. The training of every Foot Locker runner I have seen who has made his/her training public includes a base of well over 50 mpw. The 2002 winner, Chris Solinsky, was disappointed because he didn’t get as many weeks over 100 miles as he hoped for. Maybe in peaking, they fell back to the 40-50 mpw range but that paints a very small part of the whole picture.