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Mark5000 wrote:
On my high school team, a guy who maybe ran 10 30-mile weeks in his entire high school career won the state 4A mile in Texas in back-to-back seasons, with a silver in the 800 the second time around and a bronze in state XC. He was notorious for skipping Sunday long runs, missing training runs (but never speed workouts), and rarely running in the off-season. On the other hand, he really hammered the speed sessions and races (but didn’t most of us?) and had great natural speed. I kinda wish we had given him a harder time about his work ethic… who knows what he would have done with more appropriate training. Most of us felt that we were in no position to criticize a senior returning from a state championship though.

when/where/who was this? my senior year was ’91 (’90 for xc) but i ran at a 5a school.