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Now I've got the results booklet for the 1984 Syttende Mai in front of me. so I can see that even the total size of the field has shrunk dramatically.

(In 1984, there were) 1,666 finishers

Ok, look me up in the results booklet (Peter Diamond, male 20 years old)! I finished around 2:24 something in 1984, and 300th place sounds about right. I ran the 1st 15 miles with two other college buddies who had never run further than 12 miles, and then ran the last 3 miles in about 6:30 pace, finishing in a downpouring rain. What a blast!

Everyone talks about how hilly Sytennde Mai is, but I never really felt that way. I grew up in Madison and ran plenty of hills, and I thought it wasn't bad at all, compared to where I trained.

And yes Ryan, I want to hear the theory as well!