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been there, done that… if you do everything right Chicago is not out of the question… as Ryan said, ITBS is the most treatable runner issue… get thee to a pool and water jog… google ITB and follow all the stretches that they have on line, ask your PT for more, do them ALL the time… I think your shoes are new (right), never run in really run down shoes, lay off the track work (turning in not good), do not run on the camber of the road… or at least change sides on the road & direction on the track…

I was told biking & stair stepper were not the best for recouperating ITBS but elliptical seemed to work well for me… don't do anything that HURTS… good luck… if you can keep your fitness up while it mends you should be fine in the fall… I have not had any reoccurance but I stretch a lot, sometimes 3 times a day… at least last thing every night…