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Peter wrote:
I know that compared to two years ago (first marathon of 3:06:51), my speed and strength runs were faster, I ran the same 10K race 48 seconds faster, my MP runs were both faster and sustained for longer distances, my overall mileage is 17% higher, and my long runs are longer and more numerous. I’m also two years older, and while I avoided the tendonitis that plagued me in early Sept. two years ago, I have experienced some sore feet and aches in my knees.

All in all, I see good signs. Very good signs with the training and I’d gladly take soreness and aches over anything ending with “itis”. I think you’ve set yourself up well for a very solid run.

Peter wrote:
Finally, it looks like the warm weather is breaking. Those running Fox Cities marathon in Appleton this weekend can look forward to 45 degrees at the start (forecast). Will we be so lucky in Grafton? That I can’t control, but I feel I’ve done a very good job at controlling everything that I can.

That’s a good way to look at it. Think positive, hope for the best, and then realize that you should control what you can and deal as best as you can with what you can’t control. You’re not the only one hoping for an October that is more moderate than the summer months have been, though.

Peter wrote:
I’ll never be a huge mileage runner, but I believe I made significant progress in getting back into shape after the hernia and plantar fasciitis, and look forward to running on the 2nd.

Most people never will be huge mileage runners and I don’t think anyone should expect that of anyone else. Whether we expect that of ourselves is another concern but it is a personal concern. What you have shown this summer is that you are a consistent moderate volume runner who covers all his bases and doesn’t let distractions get in the way. That kind of consistent and balanced training at the level you have been at for the past half year will serve you well.