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Ryan A food example fowhat i am getting at.

One of the better mid season races I ever ran was at the oregon Invite.

I had run a high profile 10km road race the previous week and had backed off that week for the race (around 65-70miles) and ran terrible based upon my fitness level.

The next week I ended up running the 5km at oregon, but had ramped up my training for a june 10km on the track. I had no real goal going into the 5km excpet to race. I ended up shocking the hell out myself (and just about anyone who saw the race) by winning in a tactical race. My mileage that week 95-100 miles.

The point is that I didn't have enough time to be ready and somewhat rested to run the 10km, but was instead rested for the 5km a week later. It took just a little extra time. Actually I was ready to roll the day after the 10km race as I ran a 16 miler on the Monday and then had a fantastic session on the Wed…i learned a valuable lesson that week about how to get ready for important mid season races, without hitting a full on taper….