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As with GTF, what I've observed is that nearly everyone who finishes with a big kick underachieved earlier in the race. Had they went harder earlier, they honestly would have been well ahead of you before the finish but would not have had as much of a kick. Personally, when I finish with a big kick, unless I'm winning the race, I consider it a hollow victory. Had I put more effort forth earlier in the race, maybe I would have been ahead of more people.

That said, there are some things we can do to make the most of the limited amount of energy we have in the final 100 yards. I've found that strides are great, as are form drills. Basically, the idea here is that the one who can keep their technique clean and efficient will get more out of their kick when the adrenaline rush kicks in. Also, as GTF mentioned, anything that improves your aerobic fitness and LT will improve your kick by not leaving you as fatigued at the end of the race. Of course, if you accomplish that, you'd apply that to the rest of your race and be well ahead of those who are outkicking you right now but still not having much of a kick.