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Congrat's and great choice on choosing this forum as a place to read, learn, and help others. I'm really glad to see another senior runner on the forum like myself. On 05/05 I'll catch up to you and likewise be 61. The runners here are outstanding with their help and support. I never ran in HS or college just a little for fun and fitnessĀ  Over the past 3-4 years with everyone's help I've been lucky enough to BQ and the last 2 years run the Boston Marathon. This year with their help and encouragement I finished 35/801 in the seniors age group.
Keep up the great work and be thankful for the hills, where I live I have to hunt for a hilly course to run. Thank God for the summers when I go out West for June, July and Aug. Nice hills in CA. Best always and always take time to enjoy the running. We're doing what many folks our age can't, won't, or are to lazy to do. Ski