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Yeah, I don't know anything you are right I guess….I'm certainly not trying to appear to be the brains of the group here nor do I proof read and study all my posts to assure they impress everyone….so sorry if a bit confusing sometimes.

Easy on the melodrama!  😉  Throwing out a name German Fernandez as a supposed example without giving any relevance to link it to the discussion does not make sense.  It would be like me mentioning Kenny Cormier and his high school mileage level with zero explanation as to how it relates to the topic at hand.

Let me explain.  German Fernandez is a 4:09 miler and then some.  He trains 50 miles a week, so much less than the original poster.  He trains less and runs faster.  Why?  Because the good Lord gave him that talent.  Is he a slacker because he runs 50 miles a week?  No.  His coach realized that he's young and MOST young runners should not be beating themselves against the wall running 70++ miles a week.

How do you know this, do you have a source for the info regarding his coach's rationale for how Fernandez trains?  Why could it not have to do with the fact that Fernandez holds down a job at a restaurant or that his 'running age' is rather young?  Or even that 50 is what happens to fit Fernandez's particular physiology (and commitments in life) at this point in time? 

He is supporting his running with some cross training in an effort to gain fitness through other forms of exercise (300 push ups a day).

Push-ups should be considered supplemental training, not “cross-training.”   

How many pro runners do ONLY running?  Those that do are marathoners not milers.

Never heard of Filbert Bayi?  Former WR-holder.

Most young runners don't start real high volume until late in college or after college in an effort to save their bodies.  Once again MOST (see Josh McDougal).

See also Kenny Cormier and Donald Sage and Galen Rupp and Dathan Ritzenhein and Jeff Nelson (whose HS record Fernandez recently broke) and all of the Woodlands HS kids and et cetera.  So save their bodies from what and for what?  The very reason that there are so many great young runners coming along in recent years is because their coaches, by and large, have gone away from the popular if irrational fear of progressive aerobic mileage for runners who display an aptitude for it and have started to train them like young runners trained in the '70s and early '80s. 

So the mention of German Fernandez makes sense.  In an effor to compare training vs. talent I used his name.  All the training in the world won't get a 4:20 talent to 4:09.

Nor will sub-optimal training.  There is a happy medium in the middle there somewhere, determined on an individual basis not based on what any other particular individual does.  That is why it makes no sense to hold up any given individual, particularly a significant outlier, with respect to how “MOST” great young runners train. 

I hope the OP in fact has the talent to run 4:09.  It takes a very very special individual to do so.  I don't want to see the OP ramping up his training considerably in an effort to run faster.  Less mileage for him could be a better fit as it is for German.

He will never know unless he tries!  Better to try and fail than to never try at all out of irrational fear.