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Personally, I found the Boston Classics to be the perfect fit for my foot – but, of course, that's my foot, not yours. They are fairly narrow in the heel but, at least for me, have ample toe room. I hope you find that they work as well for you as they have for me for all those years I've been using nothing but them. Let us know how they treat you after you get some miles in on them.

The Response Light test for me has so far been going well. I can definitely feel just when lacing the shoes up that these were designed as racing shoes, They just have that racing shoe feel. For lack of better description, they slip on like a sock and move with your foot much better than overbuilt trainers. They don't have a whole lot of protection between the foot and the ground but they have enough for a lightweight, relatively smooth runner like me. 36 miles on them and I'm looking forward to continuing this experiment for the long term.