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I would have felt the same way several years ago but let's be honest. First, people can now track their loved ones through email alerts now while going on with their own lives. Second, it's a simple fact that a lot of people follow their loved ones whether they are sitting in front of a computer screen or just checking their smartphone to do so and, given what they are looking to do, I think tying video streaming to timing chip notifications would be an interesting integration.

Would I use it? I don't know. Several years ago, I would have said I couldn't imagine watching my email all morning for email alerts as runners I know pass chip mats. Now, with a smartphone, I do essentially that and get near-live updates on my phone while going about my day. If I could check out videos of them in the same convenient way, would I check the videos to see how well they looked at different stages? I don't see myself doing that now but maybe 5-10 years from now I'll be doing just that.