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Right, l[color=rgb(51, 51, 51)]ooking at the Fitzgerald article on the topic that you retweeted, I noticed that it glossed over or completely missed some important facets of the topic.  Similar criticisms of Fitzgerald's work that I have found in the past.  While certainly not an expert by any means, I am fortunate to have worked with some internal sports medicine doctors who helped to increase my knowledge of the topic even further.  As noted in the article, the gut poses a significant barrier to absorption, even in the absence of substances that further hinder absorption of iron such as calcium, caffeine, NSAIDs, and carbonated beverages.  If one supplements perhaps three times daily with vitamin C (aids absorption) using an iron supplement that contains 26 mg of iron per dose (as in Blood Builder, my iron supplement of choice) then one is really absorbing about 11.7 mg of iron, [/color]at best, on a daily basis from the supplement.  In some patients, due to unchecked chronically low levels and/or poor individual absorption rate via the gut and/or high individual daily loss of iron, intravenous iron turns out to be the best route to raising ferritin concentration when supplementing orally 2-3 times per day orally (accompanied by vitamin C) on an empty gut is clearly ineffective in increasing ferritin level.  Also note that not all intravenous iron is the same, the stuff that most hospitals use is low grade and can have some bad side-effects.

Incidentally, while facebook does have some nice features that twitter does not, overall I am liking twitter better than facebook.