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If there truly is no need for speed, why run? Walking, while slower, is also easier on the body and still has great health benefits.

I have seen Bingham's straw man arguments. This is one reason why, when I think of the subliminal anti-competitive mindset, he is the first one who comes to mind. While I have yet to see him come out and blatantly make an anti-competitive statement, so much of what he says and writes has a not always so well hidden message that competing for time or place is a bad thing.

I don't mind the concept or message that it's OK to be slow. Everyone will choose his or her own path and I have no beef with those who choose a different path than me. However, those who denigrate the path I've chosen, from building these straw men to suggesting that they are better athletes than the athletes who could run circles around them to saying competitive runners are psycho, will feel about as welcome around me as the people who stand at my front door trying to force feed me their religion.

As for RW, under Rodale's control, it's always appeared to be about reaching the maximal market. I don't think serving a specific audience and making money are mutually exclusive goals. Is T&FN not in the business of making money? Is not interested in making money? (It may not be making much money but, trust me, I'm not trying to lose money here.) There are many other examples that don't bend over backward to gain the largest audience possible but still have money making goals. In the health and fitness category, Rodale is an extremely successful business because they know their market and leverage it incredibly well. Their market is not competitive athletes, I don't think I've ever seen evidence of them trying to claim it was.