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at least one running club in our area has 'cheap' races… fondly know as 'club races' and on most weekends there may be anything from a 3K to a 10 miler at different venues… there is no pre-registration, just a table with about four clipboards with the pages that have the 'hold harmless' statement and then a bunch of lines where you put your name, age/sex, address and email (on one line)… by signing that one line and paying $5 ($4 for club members) your are in and handed a small number, a box of pins are on the table also… as you cross the finish line you are told to go back to the table and write your name, age/sex and time on the back and hand it to the timers (one for men, one for women)… they are low key, usually on a bike trail and not closed to the public… afterwards there can be a minimal amount of food, water & gatorade (liquids in large containers, take one cup and re-use it if you want a second drink)… they are not trying to feed you for a week, they have 'fun' prizes, flats of flowers in the spring, in the fall you might win a pumpkin pie… one 4th of July I went home with a water bottle with a red, white & blue holder… I have a tech shirt and a running hat that were prizes also…

oh, and if you get there late, you can still sign a clip board and just run the course and if you pass people you can still win prizes… once I even asked to start a half hour early (and not be counted in the competition) as I had to take my kid to a later event but I wanted to get my run in and my schedule called for the 10K they were offering that day… so low cost races do exist but I'm sure there are people who would find something to comlpain about at these races also