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It does not make a lot of sense to, when one is “despondent,” seek help among people whom you do not know and vice versa.  Call your family, instead.

unless your family is part of the problem… continue to talk to SOMEONE, preferably a doctor (including maybe a psychiatrist) with whom you can discuss alternative meds, therapy & exercise… the more complex your problem the more your need to tell THE WHOLE STORY to someone who can really help…and like anything else, finding the “right” person takes time but is worth the investment… this time of the year with holiday pressure, decreasing light, lack of outdoor warmth and the crazy economy added on top could be devastating to many people even if they had no other issues…

if you are conflicted, keep looking for answers…none of us here could do much with partial knowledge of your situation, probably not enough medical training.. except lend an “ear” (and a prayer)… I think there is more help out there for you, but YOU need to go find it…