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Thanks for the great responses.  I have been hitting 35-45 miles a week the last month or so and I plan on keeping it at that level with the plan of consolidating gains at that mileage level.  The vast majority of those miles are easy miles.

There was a recent post entitled “Speed Development” with a video of track workouts for speed development.  I found it very interesting that, even though I am training for longer distances (5K and up), a speed workout helps develop an efficient stride, coordination and strength that doesnt otherwise develop through slow, easy running.  Here is the forum link:,7682.0.html

Although I have never worked out on a track, I would really like to try this type of workout.  I no longer run for speed on the treadmill.  Having a locked-in pace close to my maximum speed for 1/2 mile repeats seems, in retrospect, pretty stupid on my part.  The mile repeats at 5k pace on the treadmill seem ok to me but I don't plan on going any faster on the treadmill.

Do you think its too early for me to try the track workouts displayed in the link, maybe once every couple of weeks or so?

I would think a speed workout on a track would be much safer than on a treadmill.