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I ran my 10K pr on low volume high intensity.  I was very very fast and sharp at the time.  5:20 pace felt like a jog.  That opposed to very high volume when 5:20 pace is working hard.  I've never run within 30 seconds of my PR in the 10K when training high volume.

I should also note I ran a very good (for me) half marathon pr on 5K training.  Once again I was fast, but didn't necessarily have super great endurance.  5:40 pace was pedestrian so it was easy. 

Of course maybe I just haven't had the right day.  I've just never felt quite as race sharp no matter what type of taper off of higher volume training.  Yes I understand all things equal high mileage is better.  I've just never been able to quite put it together when it matters.