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thank you guys,

the last advice of ryan impressed me, since i dont know how, but i did 5 x 1k (3:45,3:46,3:51,3:49,3:47) with 3 minute recovery , i thought that i was ready for a PR in the 2 mile(12:26),  but in fact i ran 11 seconds slower(12:37), and i have always have trained based on goal pace races, not my recent fitness pace, as i said , my PR in the 5k is 20:32, but my v02max workouts always are in sub 4 min per km, i remember before a 5k in december where i did 20:37, the same week of the race i ran 1k intervals in (3:55,3:53,3:49,3:51 and 3:34!!!) with that last interval i thought that i was easily sub 20 min shape , but during the race i was running that goal till the half way point (9:54) , then my goal slipped away and i finished with last 2kms in (4:20,.4:12) respectevely, i was so frustrated, so the idea of training at my recent pace avoid frustration, but how do i know that i am improving if i run the repeats at my recent fitness?