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As always – great info.

I am planning on next fall for that half mary goal of 1:15.

A couple of years ago I ran consistent (with some coaching from Zeke) for about 3-4 months and I ran a half mary in 1:27.  I know the 12 minutes is huge – but I think that after a year and a half it shouold be with-in reach.

Run – I know you are trying to help – I do have short term goals –

going to do Fish Day this Saturday – mostly to get in an 8k (plus warm up) and feel out where I am for pace.  For the last 3 weeks I have been running – not paying attention to pace or trying for extra distance – just running.  Next short term goal is Al's Run (8k) in Milwaukee on Sept 20th.  I am going to race that one, I have a 10K training schedule that I will follow for it.  From there I will base build until spring and try the South Shore half mary to gauge where I am at and create a training plan for a fall (2009) half mary to go after my goal. 

My ultimate goal is Disney's Goofey Challenge in January 2010.