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I believe it.  It is also the easiest method to get into a routine.  Many examples of this working for people.  I like all types of running.  I like the classic stuff, but I have raced off of many different regiments.  Daws, Beck, Henderson, Bob Larsen, some Kristiansen stuff and all have worked.  When I began running, Henderson was the first guy I read up on because he was writing volumes of stuff.  Larsen was the coach at Grossmont College in California and he was big on the easy stuff about every day.  Daws' books inspired me my Jr. and Sr. years of HS.  Beck was much later.  Setnes coached me for a bit and he was big on daily runs that were controlled with short tempos and 400s and 1000s as the racing approached.  I enjoy variation throughout the year and for me, I have been fortunate in that the speed came almost instantly off of just daily running.

I don't read up on current methods of coaching, but GTF mentioned something I have been looking at for the marathon, which centers around dialing down a certain pace per mile for 25 – 40 minutes (for me) as fitness increases.  I don't know what it's called, but I look for the ability to hit the track and just reel off miles at a quick pace without going into overdrive.  When I hit this zone were the times just keep coming down I know I'm ready to race at my best.  I am a classic example of a guy who will go crazy doing workouts with other people.  There are so many local examples of guys, Erhardt and Grum come to mind who looked to finite improvement over long periods of time using 800 repeats.  Starting as high as 3:04 for 8-10 repeats and decreasing it by 2 seconds every week until they were in the 2:30s.  All while maintaining their normal respective volumes during the week.  It is hard to argue their success, especially Erhardt who with a bum hip ran a 2:37 at 50 years old.  I believe Grum got down to 2:32 for the marathon and still hits 3:0X on 3-4 runs a week at 52 using the same type method.  I on the other hand was running low 2:30s for 8 x 800m all the time and could not break 2:40.

Kristiansen always intrigued me.  Around 100 miles a week, generally ran 2 times during the week at no more than 45 minutes and I think did one 1:30 run and one 2:00 hour run.  The 45 minute runs were around 6:00 pace so not strolling around.  I used a version of this in 2002 running 5-6 times during the work week at 6:30 – 6:45 pace with longer stuff on the weekend.  The volume was low, less than 60 usually, but I ran my best times then and I was not injury free, which brought me to this approach.  She only did about 1-3% true speed work.