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Hey Double – with only 60-70 MPW what were you long runs like for 100k training?

I'm spliting the difference between marathon – 100k and 24 hour race training for long runs.
Week #1 20-22
Week #2 30-35
Week #3 20-22
Week #4 40-50

Depending on the available time – I may throw an extra 20-22 mile long run to get my 40-50 miler on a weekend that works.

Total MPW – 105-125 running + 15-25 walking + 4-6 weight lifting sessions.

I want to do (Need to get DW's OK) Ultracentric 24 hour (Nov-08) and then Mad City 100k (Apr-09)


I think you know Roy – I sent him an e-mail with questions about FANS24 hour and he was kind enough to quickly reply, but I do not want to bug him too much.  There are not a lot of training programs for 24hour races out there.