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The difference, unfortunately, is a matter of visibility — at least in part.  T&F comes into the public consciousness once every four years.  Yet several times within those four-year spans there are drug scandals involving T&F athletes making the news.  Baseball, football, basketball, etc. fairly regularly generate news items that (mostly) highlight the positive in their sport, the competition and the good guys, not just the bad guys and scandals.  I like athletes like David Eckstein, Steve Smith, and Chris Paul because they play so well and give every appearance of doing things the right way.  They are frequently in front of the public's eyes doing what they do best in their respective sports via the media, they are not off doing 'training stints in Albuquerque' for months at a time.  T&F athletes are comparatively invisible except for a month or two during years divisible by four.  By being able to showcase their best so regularly, the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. can much more easily project a positive image of competition (even if the appearance may be hollow) compared with T&F.  T&F will always have a hard time combating a negative image because that is what ends up being portrayed via the media most frequently.  Until about a year ago, I considered pro cycling to be the dirtiest sport on the face of the planet.  They have taken a short-term PR hit to ostensibly out the rats, there have been a lot of negative stories in the press regarding pro cycling because they finally stopped being so lax in doping enforcement.