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Andrew A.

Scott Douglas interviewed USATF's Chief Public Affairs Officer (aka Spin Doctor or Propaganda Minister), Jill Geer, regarding the change at CEO:

She uses a lot of words to spread half-truths and basically say nothing significant (comes across as “let them eat cake” statements, at least to me), which justifies my continued distance from and disinterest in that organization until it becomes pertinent to my career.  I do not travel enough to make their 'discounts' worthwhile, I have zero interest in the Nike gear they sell on their site or magazine and other product discounts available to members, I will likely not be racing at any national championships anytime soon, etc.  (Never mind their ridiculous membership fee structure for someone like me, not to mention the horrible dysfunction (even compared to the national office) of my local association, which offers even less to me than the general USATF membership does.)  Is it any wonder that a group like the Hansons would want as little to do with USATF as possible?  Even an elite group such as that is disinterested in suckling at USATF's teat, why should any of us who are much lower on the competitive totem pole want to support USATF at all?  “USATF is all our sport has in the US” is hardly a compelling reason.

I would say “thanks for nothing” to Geer regarding that interview except that her pay is likely thanks enough for her contributions to the ongoing cover-up of her employer's dysfunction; she is a technocrat who believes that she is playing a key role in improving the health of the sport yet in reality she is merely part of the machine that is continuing to slowly spiral downward when it is not stalling out.