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Ryan, I agree about symantics.  It depends on where you are in your training also.  I had a terrible summer with injuries, so now as I work my way back to training for races Daniels help to determine where to begin.  Like you said it gives direction.  It also make a difference as to who you are working with.  I coach high school track and cross runners.  Many don't train or are new to the sport.  SO after a race or a timed mile Daniels give a place to begin.

Well, I would argue that an experienced runner would still know where to begin without the charts but I understand where you are coming from. As for the high school team example, I could see using it with them as a starting point as you teach them to find their proper effort levels. As long as it's used as a starting point and not used to avoid truly learning the proper effort levels without such potentially limiting aids.

Andrew A – I am new to this site not new to running.  I am going to pray for you.  You have an edge to you.  Maybe you don't care for new members comments.

Don't take Andrew the wrong way. He means no harm. Two things to keep in mind when reading his posts. First, he's very straightforward in discussing ideas. If he sees an idea that he disagrees with, you will know exactly what he disagrees with and why. Second, he doesn't make things personal. Don't take what he states personally. He's discussing ideas, not the people the ideas come from. If one can get a handle on the latter point, the former actually makes it very easy to learn about his philosophy and, as he is a very well studied runner, to learn about the sport.

Andrew, I hope you don't take offense to my stating these things about you.